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Care Green Surrey is offering a whole range of renewable energy ; other  energy efficient and  cost- effective products and solutions.

We are a company specialised in low-carbon retrofit technologies based on Surrey,with excellent track record of success in south east of England and London, working in line with government’s vision for ‘green tech’ solution providers.

Our team of dedicated and qualified professionals continually pursuing the successful implementation of Renewable Energy projects and other energy efficiency measures.We have the support of, and liaises with, some leading consultants in their related fields.

Solar related electrical energy supply .

Our leading products involve  the supply and installation of solar powered panels, which will utilise the incentives offered under the government backed “feed and tariff” scheme (guaranteed for twenty-five  years).

This is to demonstrate an identity with renewable energy sources.

Other products.

Our knowledge and products have extended into areas such as energy efficient lighting installations;cost effective low energy smarter refrigeration solutions for retail outlets  and  heating and air conditioning products.


We are pleased to advise that no cash outlay is required for businesses to implement our projects as there are many schemes for financing energy efficiency projects in their entirety are available in the form of loan and leasing. This will enable businesses to improve their profitability immediately by introducing energy efficiency measures and to pay for those measures through monthly payments that are less than the anticipated monthly energy savings. As a registered supplier to these schemes we will be able to offer funding to our clients for any project requiring an investment greater than £1,000, providing certain eligibility criteria relating to the project and credit status are met.

By simple analogy it is just like trading your old car for a new, more fuel efficient, one and paying for the new one entirely out of the fuel savings, but with some extra savings left over.

For large projects we are also able to offer a managed services contract where we take responsibility for the supply, installation, long term performance and ongoing maintenance of the supplied equipment for a fixed and defined regular service fee.

Applications; Customers and Start up.

Products can be relevant and attractive to a complete range of customers:-

-        Residential;

-        Office; Retail; Industrial;  Hotels and Leisure businesses;

-        Educational;

-        Medical and dental;

-        Public undertakings

Free initial consultation and proposals are available and there is still much encouragement from government sources in the form of information and tax incentives.